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Hot wax or Normal for hands video shot at Cocoon Salon. There are different kinds of waxing products like for example, Normal wax, Chocolate wax, RICA Wax etc. Every wax product might have different steps and please read the instructions carefully. Here, you will understand how HOT wax / Normal Wax / being done. Product used in this video is Honeybee wax which is considered basic wax.

Normal wax is used to remove hair from the body surface like legs, hands etc. Waxing helps you remove the hair from roots, so the skin feels smoother and new hair growth takes little longer than shaving. Waxing also helps you remove the dead skin cells on the top layer of the skin. So, the skin looks fresh, clean and beautiful.

Normal wax is made by the simple combination of lemon and sugar or honey and contains chemical substances. It is the cheapest wax available at the salon.

Hot wax provides smooth results for three to four weeks. When the new hair grows back after waxing, it will grow weaker, making it finer and softer.

Hot Wax Steps: IF you are doing for the first time you should try in the presence of an expert.

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